This project involved the construction of a 31,509 sqft Traffic Operations Centre (TOC) facility, construction of an aggregate storage building, site development and the demolition of an existing salt and storage building. This Central Region COMPASS Traffic Operations Centre was constructed on an existing 8.3 acre Ministry of Transportation (MTO) site located at 95 Arrow Road in Toronto. The TOC achieved LEED Silver Certification and is a Post Disaster Building. As part of MTO's plans to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of traffic management services in the Greater Toronto Area, the new Central Region COMPASS TOC will address the current and future operations.

Buttcon was responsible to coordinate the on-site construction to ensure the TOC building and related site development was completed on schedule and in a safe manner. The existing MTO operations that remained on site during construction was maintained while the site development, the TOC and the aggregate buildings were constructed. Buttcon was required to work with MTO fit-up vendor for the Control Room and Systems Equipment Room for the TOC.  The site layout ensured a single access to the new TOC building and the existing facilities from Arrow Road throughout construction.