First Nations commitment

Buttcon acknowledges and supports the rights of the Indigenous peoples, not only for the reconciliation of the past but for the healing that is needed across Canada. The construction industry is no different than any other industry and we must educate, reflect, and act in support of the rights for the First Nations. Buttcon is committed in partnering with First Nations, their Leaders, businesses and communities with complete transparency and open dialogue. It will only be through our acknowledgement, observation, respect, and engagement that will guide us in the business reconciliation with the First Nations.

Buttcon’s culture was founded with early collaboration and partnership. We value the direction, and drive from our partnerships, we listen and act on the feedback prior to the beginning of construction. We look to meaningful communication that invites Indigenous knowledge on projects and work alongside Indigenous organizations to hire and train individuals to contribute to the First Nations economy and needs for sustainability.

This commitment to an inclusive Canadian construction industry benefits indigenous and non- indigenous peoples with openness and fairness that bonds each project we undertake.