Buttcon Limited provided experience and effective leadership both on-site and at the executive administration levels. Safety and security on this project [Senior’s Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor] were a top priority, with Buttcon being a COR-certified contractor. Our experience with Buttcon has been a cooperative partnership, and I have been pleased with their solution-based approach in assisting the project teams.

- Bob Ho, Senior Capital Project Manager for the Region of Peel (Senior’s Health and Wellness Village at Peel Manor)

The fair, transparent and accountable processes, including quality assurance and safety, and its open book policy, is what sets Buttcon Ltd. apart from others. Buttcon Ltd.’s leadership in acquiring the best of the best trade partners, at fair market prices, was the talent required that accomplished on-time, on-budget and exceptional results achieving client satisfaction.

- Carol Bragagnolo, Project Management for Angelus & Associates Ltd. (St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica – Historical Restoration)

I truly recognize and appreciate the performance of Buttcon’s team as a whole. There are not many firms (in Canada) that I have worked with that truly understand the role of a Construction Manager but Buttcon is demonstrating all of the things that I would want and expect from a CM partner. Their focus on the client, alternative solutions and the success of the project, as opposed to focusing solely on Buttcon’s own interests or those of the trade partner is refreshing.

- Dan Cardone, Principal at Colliers Project Leaders (191 & 201 Sherbourne Street Renovation)

Buttcon is a great place to work, they allow you to use your experience, ideas and value your opinion. Inclusion at the planning stage and no one feels like one is above the other. Treated equal with space for growth and will invest in our future.

- David B., Construction

The Buttcon team is collaborative with a passion for what they do and ensuring that all issues are dealt with in a pro-active manner

- David Eckler, Lead Architect and Principal for Architects Rasch Eckler Associates Ltd (TCHC Reset Program for Residential Buildings Retrofits)

Buttcon’s leadership and attention to detail, their ability to provide alternative solutions, and their ability to provide quality and value have met our expectations.

- David Loates, Senior Project Coordinator for the University of Guelph (University of Guelph – MacNaughton Building Renewal and Renovation)

We have consistently found Buttcon Limited to be a contractor of high standards. All members of Buttcon’s team carry out their duties in a professional manner and have ensured that CAMH obtains the best return on our investment. Whether dealing with issues at the site or behind the scenes at the office, they are always a pleasure to work with. The support of the Buttcon Executive level has been clearly evident and engaging and successful in providing top down leadership of high standards.

- Dean Sabean, Project Director of Construction Project Management and Infrastructure Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), 2014

I trust them. Their exceptionally capable, committed, and well-supported on-site teams have always given me great comfort. They have been trained to be inquisitive and own up to mistakes. The hiring of great people and the support of them comes from the head office – a group of people who want to ensure that the current project is only a prelude to future projects through a very successful relationship. From Peter DiGaetano on-down, they spend the time and effort to do their jobs very well and want to do the right thing for the client. This is why I go back.

- Henry Morton, President of Campus Suites (The Quad Student Community)

Projects are interesting and diverse. Coming from another country, when I have visitors, I get to point out Buttcon construction projects from the moment they enter the airport to every possible tourist location and hotel we pass on their wonderful Canadian vacation: Toronto Airport, Canadas Wonderland, Niagara Casinos and Hotels, Union Station and numerous Subway locations.

- Neil R., Construction

Buttcon’s team demonstrated efficient, timely performance, professional communications and the ability to provide constructive support regarding contract, schedule, and cost items. Their attention to detail helped the entire team to achieve scheduled milestones

- Paul Sapounzi, Senior Managing Partner (Hamilton-Wentworth DSB Education Centre)

There are many benefits to working at Buttcon. I really appreciate the kindness and understanding that employees receive when they face work or personal challenges. There's always a sincere effort made by our supervisors to help us succeed. I feel valued.

- Rita D., Procurement

If someone asked me why they should work at Buttcon, I would tell them it is because it is one big family

- Scott R., Construction

If someone asked me why I was working at Buttcon I would tell them I believe I am making a difference on projects, contributing to helping the company produce the best quality schedules available to the trades and clients. If you want to contribute to making the world around you better, and think you can help, it is a satisfying feeling to be useful.

- Shane B., Operations

I wish all jobs went as well as this one did [TTC Chester Station]

- Vlado Dimosvki, Construction Manager for Toronto Transit Commission (TTC Chester Station)