Sheltered High Rise Facade Retrofit Solution

Upbrella International, a business unit of 3L Innogenie, deploys Upbrella’s patented high-rise sheltered construction technology. With Upbrella, the final roof is installed first with successive floors built and lifted into place without tower cranes, Typical Upbrella solutions consists of a protective enclosure with a peripheral work platform and integrated materials-handling systems to create a manufacturing-like environment for improved productivity, worker safety and faster project delivery.

Upbrella International has received multiple innovation awards including the 2017 PwC Vision 2 Reality (V2R) Innovator of the Year Award in the “Disruptors” category, and Most Innovative Product of the Year 2016 from the Toronto Construction Association.

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Press Release – June 15/2022

Upbrella International Inc. and Buttcon Limited have entered into a licensing and partnership agreement for the deployment of Upbrella’s high-rise sheltered construction technology in Ontario with the potential of expansion across Canada.

The partnership provides immediate presence for Upbrella in Ontario and will leverage Buttcon’s pan-Canadian presence and experience from its 43-year construction history in Canada. “Buttcon has always been an innovator and solutions providers. We want to provide bespoke service to our clients and give them the best solution for each project. Upbrella allows us to provide an innovative solution with a safety always focus for our teams and accelerate project schedule, we are very excited to be with Upbrella” said Mark Butt, President, and CEO of Buttcon Holding Ltd.

We are delighted to be working with the Buttcon’s management team and contributing our Upbrella technology for high-rise construction in Ontario,” said Joey Larouche, President of Upbrella International. “The patented Upbrella technology offers innovative sheltered solutions for new constructions, vertical building additions and facade retrofits of high-rises in dense urban area while significantly reducing public occupancy, site nuisances, enabling safer work sites and faster project delivery.