Buttcon Energy Solutions

The Government of Canada’s Green Building Strategy identifies that “Buildings account for 13% of Canada’s direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, representing 482,000 commercial and public buildings in Canada”. To reach our 2050 targets over 16,000 buildings would have to be retrofitted annually.

Our Deep Energy retrofit solutions can effectively meet net zero, passive-house, and WELL standards with a holistic building analysis and a construction process that dramatically reduces energy consumption and increases building value.  With a design-build approach, we bring best-in-class partners allowing clients to achieve their energy targets with minimal tenant disruption and schedule certainty.

Deep energy retrofits require a multi-disciplinary team that can design and build according to the client’s energy and financial needs.  Technology and data drive detailed energy modeling that leads to an effective design that utilizes off-site construction solutions followed by detailed commissioning and verification.  Successful deep energy retrofits benefit building owners, operators, and tenants by reducing maintenance costs, increasing rental income, energy savings, increased property value, and provides a healthier sustainable environment for tenants.

Buttcon’s energy solutions team was founded in technology, data, and energy modeling. Our partners provide real-world solutions that are available today.

QEA Tech has developed a building envelope performance benchmarking solution based on the principles of thermography and UAV flight. This solution has been deployed in over 500 buildings in North America to identify energy conservation measures resulting in savings of over 50%. As part of the Deep Energy Retrofit Initiative from Button Energy solutions, this technology will be used to baseline building envelope performance and identify ECMs. Once the retrofit is complete, QEA Tech will audit the building again to verify its energy performance against design.

Upbrella has developed a sheltered façade retrofit solutions for mid-rise to high-rise buildings that significantly reduce construction timelines and minimize site logistics with minimum work-site nuisances for occupants and neighbors.  The full weather-protected work zones allow for multiple trade partners to work simultaneously and year-round to deliver projects twice as fast, with best-in-industry worker site safety and ergonomics.

The UnitiWall Corporation introduced a revolutionary, ultra-high-performing building enclosure system that is sought after by Architects and Developers targeting net zero buildings. Traditional, modern hard-clad rainscreen systems are assembled and installed on-site with no offsite prefabricated option. UnitiWall’s fully unitized wall system integrates products such as opaque glass, aluminum composites, sintered stone, stainless steel, GFRC, and more. The system offers compelling advantages over current curtain wall systems: with true rain screen functionality, the structural ability to carry heavier cladding materials, seismic and wind loading resistance values required by code for tall buildings, fully integrated high-performance window systems, non-combustible continuous insulation and patented Thermal Plenum Technology resulting in “bridge free” thermal performance that exceeds Passive House standards. The 100% non-combustible assembly is pre-manufactured as a fully unitized wall assembly ready for installation on new builds or deep energy retrofits.

Our approach includes consultation, funding options, pre-construction, construction, and verification providing clients with less tenant disruption, reduced construction schedules, with cost and schedule certainty.   This progressive design-build collaboration effectively solves deep-energy retrofitting and building repurposing by simplifying the complexity that is usually involved in the retrofitting of the existing inventory of aging buildings in Canada.