Scam Alert

September 29, 2022

We have been made aware of on going solicitation emails and impersonation of our company with false job offers and/or applications. If you receive any unsolicited emails NOT fromĀ or a member of our HR department with a email address, please do not provide them with any personal information or open any suspicious attachments. If you apply to any of our job postings, we will reach out directly to you first via phone or email. If necessary, you may verify legitimacy of the email or letter with us at Thank you.

Visitor Policy

To our efforts, Buttcon will not permit any visitor (escorted or otherwise) or non-essential personnel access to any of our construction projects or offices.
To access any of projects, coordination will need to be made in advance with the Project Superintendent or a Buttcon direct employee.
Screening Of each visitor will be required prior to them entering any Of our offices or project sites.
Screenings are to take place by Buttcon personnel and are to be documented on the sign in/sign out log.
We encourage everyone to educate themselves and maintain updated with information about COVID-19.
Information can be found by visiting the following websites: