This project is currently underway and includes interior renovation and alteration work, a new atrium addition as well as a rooftop addition. There will also be a full new HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems installed. This building is designated heritage and involves extensive restoration of the facade and some interior spaces planned. Gross floor area 10,049m2 (interior alterations 9,621m2 and additions 328m2) to be fully renovated spread over 5 above grade levels and 1 below grade. The objective of the project is to transform the building into an efficient and modern administration building which could change its current use predominately as a laboratory building. The new floorplans consist mainly of a mixture of open plan and private offices, meeting rooms and other administrative support spaces. The project also includes new M & E systems, as well as new controls technologies, all of which emphasize sustainability and energy management advancements.