The Arthur Bourns Building (ABB) is currently home to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Built in 1968, the space and building infrastructure was inefficient and not optimal for supporting McMaster’s leading research capabilities in chemistry and reputation for productivity critically needed integrated research environment that fosters expanded opportunities in chemistry, chemical biology, and engineering. The 3 part construction process allowed McMaster to create a unique research and training facility that integrated the engagement of end-users as active participants. The project included 300,000 square feet and was completed in 3 parts. Part 1 was a new 45,500 square foot, 6-storey addition (horizontal expansion) adjacent and connected to the north wing of ABB, between Thode Library and the Nuclear Reactor. The addition maximized areas and was built to LEED Silver certification standards. Part 2 involved the renovation of the existing 32,000 square foot West Wing which is also known as the Chemistry Wing given that the area is comprised of Chemistry Labs. The wing underwent a significant retrofit, including the lab renewal, from the basement level through to level 4. Work also included updating/improving the main building's main entrance on the south side. Part 3 involved deferred maintenance to provide the rejuvenated valuable assignable interior space for research and training in science and engineering. All 3 parts of the project were constructed simultaneously while the facility was under full operation.