Announcement from the Buttcon Board of Directors

February 3, 2022

After over 40 years as our leader, Michael A. Butt, the founder of Buttcon, is retiring as Chief Executive Officer of Buttcon Holdings and will become the Non-Executive Chairman of our Board.

Michael’s creativity, entrepreneurship, thoughtful leadership, values, and vision will continue to be a cornerstone supporting the success and positive culture of Buttcon. Thank you, Michael.

In the spirit of being a family and employee-owned and managed business, we are pleased to announce, effective immediately, that Mark A. Butt has been appointed to lead Buttcon Holdings as Chief Executive Officer.

Under Mark’s leadership, Buttcon’s values and culture will continue.  His vision is to build the next generation of leaders and, with them, to grow the business safely, strategically and for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

Please join all of us at Buttcon, in wishing Michael a happy retirement, and congratulating Mark on his new role!

Visitor Policy

To our efforts, Buttcon will not permit any visitor (escorted or otherwise) or non-essential personnel access to any of our construction projects or offices.
To access any of projects, coordination will need to be made in advance with the Project Superintendent or a Buttcon direct employee.
Screening Of each visitor will be required prior to them entering any Of our offices or project sites.
Screenings are to take place by Buttcon personnel and are to be documented on the sign in/sign out log.
We encourage everyone to educate themselves and maintain updated with information about COVID-19.
Information can be found by visiting the following websites: